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The Beckhoff TwinCAT ADS Communication Library has to be installed on the PC. (TcAdsDll.dll) This software is distributed on the zenon CD. Copy the driver file BeckhNG.exe and the file BeckhNGV.dll to the current zenon directory, unless they are already there.

The single PLC stations have to be notified to the operating system. The stations can be defined with the TwinCAT AMS router. For each station the IP address, the AMS NET-ID, the port number and the communication channel have to be entered. On computers where TwinCAT is not used, the AMS router has to be installed with a minimal installation of TwinCAT (TwinCAT CP). As an alternative, the operating system can be notified about the stations with the tool "TcAmsRemote Mgr.exe". In this case however, the net timeout of the network will be used instead of the configurable AMS timeout. This can result in long error timeouts, if there are connection problems with several stations.

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The driver is available for WinCE.

The driver can only be used once for each project in WinCE.