Online import

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Import variables online

Variables can be imported into zenon via the symbol file (*.tpy). For this, you have make sure to activate the checkboxes Create symbol entries and Create XML symbol table under Options/Symbol configuration in the according TwinCAT project. The symbol file also has to be configured accordingly (see button below).

In zenon, the variables can be easily created and changed with the online import. To do this, right-click on the desired driver in the zenon Editor and select the command Import variables online… from the context menu.

You will then be asked for the path of the symbol file. After confirming the selection with Finish, the symbol file will be loaded. This can take several seconds depending on the number of variables. In this dialog you can select a station already created in the configuration, for which the variables should be imported. If no station is selected here, the AMS NET-ID from the .TPY file will be used, and if this station does not exist, it will be created.

After that you can define a prefilter. Here you can e.g. filter by comments in the TwinCAT program, so that only certain variables will be available for the visualization. Using a prefilter particularly makes sense for large TwinCAT projects with many structures.

As a result, a selection dialog with a flat (structures and arrays are resolved) symbol list is opened. Use the column headers for filtering and sorting. Use the button Add and Remove to change the selection of variable to be imported.

After closing the dialog with Ok, the selected variables will be imported in zenon.