Configuring command interlockings

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We have already explained what interlocking conditions are for in the section about the configuration of the condition variable. We will now create a simple condition.

In order to do so, we select the action 'Single command: SW*_BE[On]' of our command interlocking and then the node 'Condition'. By clicking on the setting Condition new we create a new condition.

Explanation of the properties.

Name of the property


Delete condition

The condition is deleted and is then no longer available.

Logical Link

Shows the formula, of which the result must be true in order to activate the interlocking. The formula can be edited with the formula editor. The formula editor is the same as the one of the Combined Element.

Interlocking text

This text is shown as the interlocking message, when the interlocking condition applies.


If this is active, the interlocking can be unlocked.

Adjust the settings according to the above image.