General configuration

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The definition is done in the monitor configuration in the properties of the project under General/Monitor configuration.


The following configuration dialog opens:


On the general page the project settings are defined. That means: How many monitors has the project and to how many virtual monitors is the display mapped.


What is a Monitor and a virtual monitor?

Under Monitor we understand the really existing monitors. Virtual monitore are those, to which the function Picture switch relates.

Now you can route between the real and the virtual monitors. If the second monitor does not exist, e.g. the notebook, the output can simply be routed to the left monitor without having to change the definition of the function.

In our example we decided for 2 monitors and 3 virtual monitors. For the process pictures a left and a right monitor. For the button bar we have created an own virtual monitor. So we can decide, whether the button bar should open left or right, without effecting the process pictures.

Another important factor is the defined monitor size. This monitor size defined the calculation of the resolution and is the reference value for teh adjustment. So it should be set once before engineering and not be changed afterwards. If this setting is changed later on, all coordinates of the elements in the pictures are newly calculated.

We create one configuration per computer type. In this configuration the computer specific data are set. For my current computer I choose the profile Server_2Monitors and thus set the configuration for my computer.