In the Runtime

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Now we want to test the behavior in the Runtime.


The set value is not sent to the hardware. Instead, a message box opens telling you that you do not have the authorization for this project.


This time the value is really sent to the hardware, because now you own the authorization for this project.


Again the value is not sent to the hardware and the message box opens.


In the meantime, a dialogbox has opened up here. You are asked, if you want to hand over the authorization to the other computer. Now there are three ways to react:


The authorization is handed over to the other computer.


The authorization stays on this computer.

Do nothing

In the dialogbox you can see a time running towards 00:00. As soon as this time is over, the authorization is automatically released and the other computer gets it.

This guarantees that the project stays operable, even if no person is on the computer with the authorization at the moment.

This time interval is set to one minute by default. In the project properties under Network, you will find the property Authorization/Timeout for request [s] . You can change the timeout there.