Serial connection with PCD-1/PCD-2

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The driver works only via the modern and fast S-BUS protocol - both via serial and TCP connections. The old P800 protocol is not supported! The PCD1 also supports only S-BUS, both at Port0 (=PGU connector) and Port1. For compatibility reasons, the PCD2 supports only the P800 protocol at Port0 (=PGU connector) with factory settings.. Of course, you can unlock the S-BUS functionality via the configuration tool. It will then support both P800 and S-BUS. The DTR line is used for switching externally. With the settings described below, you can communicate via the PGU port on the PCD2.

Configuration in the driver

PGU must not be activated here; otherwise, the PCD2 will switch immediately to P800 mode. If PGU is deactivated, S-BUS will be used for communicating.

Configuration in the SAIA online configurator

info Info

The setting at "PGU port number" is important. If it is set to "none", the PGU connector of the PCD2 will not be able to communicate via S-BUS.