Driver-specific functions

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This driver supports the following functions:

Driver supports:

Error file

A zenon error file for drivers is written to the custom/log directory of the RT project. From version 6.20, errors are written to the central zenon logging.

Extended error file

The driver does not write an extended error file.

Serial logging

In order to activate this option a section RS232LOG has to be added to the project.ini. Here

the entry LOGCOMx=0 or 1 has to be set. X has to be replaced by the number of the desired interface. With o

0 switches logging off, 1 switches logging on.

If logging is switched on, a file LOG_COMxxx.TXT is generated in the directory of the driver. X is

replaced by the number of the defined interface.


The driver does not support blockwrite.


With TCP/IP connection the driver supports redundancy.


The driver does not support RDA.

Real time stamping

The driver does not support real time stamping.


The driver supports the import of variables via the "Maeexp.txt" file from the Sigmatek LASAL software.

Error timeout

The error timeout for TCP/IP is fixly set to 20 sec for reading and 15 sec for writing.

Access methods


The driver polls the values from the PLC continuously.

Number of PLCs

Only one PLC can be connected to one driver.