Driver dialog SNMP agents

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Agent file

The file where the configurations of the single SNMP agents are saved. This file complies with the SNMP configuration file and thus cannot be changed in this dialog.

Net address

The zenon internal Net address of the agents. Complies with the net address in the variable definition. You can use this Net address e.g. for logically grouping your variables.

Agent name

The freely definable name of a single SNMP agent.

Agent IP address

The IP address of the single network participants/agents. Here either the IP address or the computer name (requiring a properly working name resolution) can be used.

Agent community default (public)

The access identification of the agent. As a default always "public". (read only)

A community name serves as a password that is defined for one or more SNMP hosts.

Accepted community names are only used for the authentication of incoming messages. (This can be configured in the SNMP service settings of the agent)


Define new agent


Delete agent


Edit agent


Save the defined agent settings


Is used to check a defined "Agent IP Adress".

Result of a successful ping attempt with name resolution:

If you get no positive response to a ping, it may be, that the name could not be resolved correctly. In this case please try a ping to the IP address. If this fails again, this means the network participant / agent is not accessible.