Driver dialog MIB Editor

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OID's List

This list contains all properties (=SNMP objects) of an SNMP agent that should be available/selectable in the variable definition. SNMP objects that are not transferred to this list cannot be defined as variables lateron.

Agent to browse

The agent that should be browsed by the driver for supported information with the command "GETNEXT" and whose MIB objects should be displayed. With the drop down menu you can select from the list of defined agents. This list contains all agents that you created in the register "SNMP Agents".

Root Browse OID

Here the definition "" has to be used as a standard. These are the file extensions of the files that contain the information supported by the device. (MIBs).

Max OID Count

The number of OIDs that should be read by the browser.

Read OID Count

The status display of the OIDs read until this point of time.


Creating a new OID by hand:

The OID can also be created without using the browser agent, if at the time of engineering the project no connection to the necessary network participant exists.




Here a freely definable name can be used.


The accurate identification of the OID. Please make sure that the complete and correct identification is entered here; otherwise, the zenon SNMP driver will not be able to read the data.


Integer or String, depending on the accessed SNMP datatype.