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Connection points of lines

The connection of one line (line, polyline or tube) to another line is done with overlapping drawing in the picture at connection points. The connection points - either connection areas - are at the start and the end of each line and are arounf 3 pixels large.

Example Example

The start point of a line has the coordinates (start point x/start point y): 150/100 pixels.
This results in a connection area (x / y): 147 - 153 / 97 - 103 pixels.

If the line start or end of this line and that of one or more other lines is within this area, the lines are automatically connected without any further engineering. A mere overlapping of the connection areas of the single lines is not sufficient!

In the following illustration the connection area is displayed graphically (the green lines are connected to the black one, the red line not.

info Info

Any number of lines can be connected in a connection area.

attention Attention

If a line is outside the connection area (e.g. the red line in the illustration), no connection is established and there is no coloring of the line. So there will also be no coloring for further lines.

Line crossings can easily be realized, if the ends of the lines are not in the connection area.