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The COT status is stored in the status bits 32-37 of every data point. With these status bits, the PLC informs tzenon, whether the data point can be written to and whether the writing was successful.

The following procedure runs in the background:

  1. Send value to the variable.
  2. Wait for COT status 6
  3. If the system receives the status COT_act, wait for the following stati COT_acton(7) or COT_actterm(10).
  4. If one of the two stati is received, set the status bit S_LAUFZEIT(11); this ends the procedure.
  5. The procedure is terminated, if:
    a) COT_actterm was received and
    b) the value of the response variable matches the switching direction.
    It does not matter, which of the two conditions are fulfilled first. As soon as both of them are fulfilled, the procedure will be terminated.
  6. If only one or none of the above conditions is fulfilled within the configured timeout, then:
    - the procedure will be terminated and
    - the status bit S_LAUFZEIT will be activated.
  7. Value changes of the response variable will only be accepted after receiving COT_act.

info Info

As all other status bits, the COT can be evaluated via Multi Analog or Multi Binary Remas during Runtime.