Alarm areas

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The functionality alarm areas is a more flexible solution for the picture alarming. With this information it is possible to evaluate the status of a class depending on the alarm area in the combined element.

Example Example

Buttons are inserted in a picture. If an alarm from a certain alarm area is violated, the button starts flashing.

An alarm area is a group of objects. To simplify matters these are combined in a picture. e.g.: Transformer station A.

e.g.: 20 pieces (Transformer station A - Transformer station T). If you are in an overview picture and an alarm occurs in one transformer station, the button switching to this transformer station starts flashing, because all 20 variables of the alarm areas transformer station are linked here.

In the next picture there are four buttons switching to the subgroups transformer stations (A-E, F-J, K-O, P-T)

In this picture there are the single buttons switching to the single transformer stations. Here the button switching to transformer station A is flashing.