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On this page options for the calculation of following archives can be set.

Possible options are:

Calculations in following archives at:

Which values should be incuded into calculation of following archives.
Active: Selection of the values to be used
Inactive: use all values


I-Bit (alternate value) An I-Bit would falsify the sum in the following archive.

Manual value
switched off
Alternate value
Not updated:

Minimum maximum values in following archives

When calculating minima or maxima should the time stamp of the calculation be entered or the time stamp of the found minimum or maximum

Time stamp of minimum and maximum value

Time stamp of calculation

Create alternate archives

Missing archive files (Runtime not active) are created on the next start of the Runtime.
This only is possigle with the settings „At sart and end of Runtime" with "cyclic storage".
Is this option inactive, only the current cycle is filled.