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With the module Archive Server process data as well as derived process variables can be logged and stored. This data can so be edited lateron. With the help of export functions (standard file formats TXT, DBF and XML and SQL) evaluation is possible with on-the-market software packages.
The analysis resp. further processing of the archive contents can be done with the Extended trend, the Report Generator or the Picture type archive revision.

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Archive Server Starter Edition:

The standard license of the TAG based version on the PC includes a reduced version of the Archive Server. The starter edition is based on the standard Archive Server. The Archive Server Starter Edition has the following limitations:

- no batch archiving

- no RDA

- no on change or event triggered scanning - only cyclical

- No evacuation of data, only a ring buffer

- no follow-up archives

- no manipulation of data via archive revision or report
You cannot use any functions that exceed the limitations mentioned above if you have only the Starter Edition license in the Editor.
You cannot start any archives that exceed the limitations mentioned above if you have only the Starter Edition license in the Runtime. An entry in the Diagnosis Server is made
Also, the report or the archive revision cannot perform any memory operations.
Example: An archive with event triggered scanning is created. It is not started in the Runtime. This means that no data is recorded for the archive.


The Archive Server Starter Edition on the PC can be upgraded to the full Archive Server version at any time, without compatibility problems (license extension). If you have licensed both the Starter Edition and the full version, you will get access to all functions of the full version.
The Starter Edition is not available for versions with I/O based licenses.
For the Windows CE 6.0 Runtime, the Archive Server Starter Edition is available in combination with the Extended Trend Starter Editon. None of the two modules are available for any older Windows CE versions.