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Index [0]

Size depends on data type in zenon
e.g.: (byte, word, dword, float)
Trigger flag: is set to "1" by the PLC as soon as user data are demanded. It is automatically set back to 0 after zenon received the demanded data.

Index [1]

32 Bit Intel Format,
Number of reference data
Set by the PLC

Index [2]

32Bit Intel Format
Cylcle time in ms, only used for TYP1.
Set by the PLC

Index [3]

32bit Intel format
Type 1...without time
(only for campatibility reasons, should no longer be used)
Type 2...with time format 1
Type 3...with time format 2
Type 4
Is set by the PLC

Index [4]

32Bit Intel Format
index of the oldest value (only relevant for TYP 1)
Set by the PLC and effects the archive as followed:

Index [5]

Reference data start. Size depending on zenon data type.