String archiving

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String variables can be archived. They are stored in a file consisting of name <short term><Time>.AVS.

This file contains only data of strings and have a logical link with the ARX file. In the ARX file the information whether a sting archive has to exist or not, is stored.

info Info

If no strings are stored in the archive, no ARS archive is created.

Operations have to include both files. If the ARS file is missing, data from the ARX file are not loaded.

The string data are stored in Unicode with dynamic data length. This happens to save memory and is independent of the defined string length. In the data record of the ARX file, the position of the String record in the ARS file is stored. Expections where strings are in the ARS archive are misleading, as strings change their position when being edited.

In the variable properties an alternate value for strings has been implemented, so that the archive always has values.

For the calculation of archive sizes, the editor calculates with maximal string length.

attention Attention

If the length of a string variable that should be archived changes, the dialog has to be readjusted.

The readjustment can either be done manually with the data base administrator tool (e.g. Enterprise Manager for MS-SQL Server) or in the archive settings. For all affected archives: open the tab Save, open the connection string to the database and confirm the dialog. After closing the dialog the according changes in the database are performed.

Do these changes before changes are transferred to the Runtime (by online reload or Runtime restart). Otherwise the longer Strings could be archived shortened.