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The Runtime for Windows CE can be licensed with the Remote Transport. When you establish the connection to the target system you can enter the serial number and the license number for the CE version. The serial number is saved on the CE device in the zenOn6.ini file. The activation number is saved in the registry.

info Info

The serial number and the activation number are not fully checked for validity when they are entered in the Remote Transport on the PC. The full check for validity is performed during the start of the Runtime on the CE device. Therefore, it is necessary to start the Runtime once after updating the serial number/activation number in order to check whether the numbers were entered correctly.

Shipment includes a CE demo serial number that does not need an activation number.

Example Example

Demo serial number for CE 4.x, CE 5.0, Pocket PC 2003 and Windows Mobile Edition 2005


Demo serial number for CE 6.0



The demo version for CE 4.x/5.0/PPC2003/WME 2005 is limited to 2,048 variables and a runtime duration of 10 minutes. The license includes the Process Control Engine and the WEB Server Pro.

The demo version for CE 6.0 is limited to 4,096 variables and a runtime duration of 10 minutes. In addition the license includes: