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Under Windows CE the control system is executable on the most different devices independent of the hardware manufacturer. For each combination of operating system and processor type, a special Runtime is required, that has to be compiled and maintained for this specific platform.
Minimum requirements for the CE device are 64 MB RAM memory and 16 MB free disk space. As the processor speed strongly depends on the processor type, a minimum speed is hard to define. But generally we recommend, that the processor should have a minimal clock rate of 266 MHz.
We recommend at least 64 MB RAM and a minimum of 64 MB free disk space, a network interface and a processor with 400 MHz frequency.

info Info

Runtime and projects should be stored on a permanent writable remanent memory.

CE devices with touchscreen usually have a low screen resolution. This has to be considered when creating projects. Some dialogs, e.g. the variable selection for the standard recipes, the temporary login dialog and other dialogs in the Runtime, are hard to operate or even not operable at all at a screen resolution of 320 x 240. But there is no minimal requirement in this case.
The engineering hints include a guideline for engineering low resolutions.

attention Attention

zenon must be installed in the according version. PC version and CE version of zenon have to match (same version, same service pack).