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Setting values:

If on a CE device a set value is sent to a HD variable (e.g. with the Universal slider), a certain delay will occur, because writing on a storage card is not fast enough. Delays can also occur, if set value actions are logged in the CEL and the CEL is written to the storage card for each entry. (Project property)

Cross reference list:

If a button in a CE project is linked to a function, which is not available under Windows CE, it is indicated with 'Function deleted' in the Runtime.

Right mouse button under CE and acknowledging of alarm in the status bar:

Under Windows CE acknowledging alarms in the status bar with the right mouse button is not possible. The function for the right doubleclick is not available under Windows CE.

Multi-Project capability:

Windows CE does not offer Multi-project capability, i.e. only one project can run at a time. This is the reason why there can be no hierarchies (main project, integration project) in network projects. This limitation does not apply to the global project.

Resolution of the CE device and display of the CEL and AML filter dialogs:

The Alarm administration and the Chronologic Event List (CEL) allow to choose a filter during runtime, but this can only be operated reasonably with resolutions of 800x600 and higher. The Profile Administration in the MDI windows is not available. As a consequence, the MDI buttons „ Save" and „ Delete" do not work. As the Print Dialog cannot be executed in Windows CE, the corresponding MDI button also loses its function.

*.wmf and *.emf files:

The use of Meta Files (*.wmf) und (*.EMF) is not possible.

Setting values:

Set value options for elements or functions do not work with macros or programs. Set value actions are only possible with the standard dialogbox or in the element with the numerical value.

non-available modules:

- Archive Server

- ETM Extended Trend

- Report Generator

- Recipe group manager

- Message Control including Text To Speech Enginge

- zenon OPC Server

- zenon Process Gateway

- S7Graph


- Industrial Maintenance Manager

The following extensions are not possible in CE:

- PFS (Production and Facility Scheduler), but not the Scheduler based on PFS!

- zenon SQL Server

- zenon WEB Server. The Web Server PRO is available

- Webclient

- Industrial Performance Analyzer

- straton Monitoring Viewer

The following modules are only available in Windows CE 6.0 and higher versions:

- Extended Trend Starter Edition

- Archive Server Starter Edition

Element 'Circle arc':
In Windows CE, the static element Circle arc is only displayed correctly with a line thickness of 1.
Attention: Thicker line arcs are also not displayed correctly in network projects. The line arcs look jagged then and do not look like the ones engineered on the PC.

Network license under Windows CE:
If the CE device is to be used in a Network, a special license is required. You will find more information in the price list. Technical requirements for the network use can be found in chapters 'Prerequisites - System files' / 'Network'.

Registering ActiveX elements under Windows CE:
Active X – Elements must be registered before they can be used in CE. You can find more information in chapter 'Engineering hints - Active X'.

Dynamics like rotation, changing height and width or X and Y position are not available

3D Filling patterns:

3D patterns are available but need more graphic resources of the CE terminals.
So they are not recommended.

Vector elements:

For vector elements only the following patterns are available under CE:
Full and without
For vector elements, only the following line types are available under CE:
full, dashed, without.


Lines cannot be displayed with rounded corners. Even if in the project properties under 'Graphical design' the function 'Extended graphic function' is disabled, rounded corners are not displayed under CE.

Filling effects:

Filling effects of static elements may be displayed differently than on a PC depending on the CE terminal.

Dongle - licensing:

Dongle licensing is not available for Windows CE. Neither locally nor with a network dongle.


Redundancy combined with a CE device as client is possible. Redundancy in the sense that the CE device takes over the role of the Server or the Standby Server is not possible.

Main menus

Under Windows CE, only the standard main menus can be displayed. It is not possible to change color, font size or font type.


Under Windows CE, only one type of driver can be started at a time. For example, it is not possible to start two simulator drivers under CE.

GIF files:

Under Windows CE, GIF files can most often not be displayed without modification. It is necessary to have the file IMGDECEMP.dll, which you can request from our support department Please provide the name of the platform, for which you require the file.

Limitation of project size:

In Windows CE, only a certain amount of memory is available. Generally, an application can only be executred on Slot0. However, this imposes a limitation of 32MB. When Windows CE is started, the rest of the memory - depending on the size of the image (between 15 and 19MB) - are available for zenon. Because of the 20% rule, which defines that 20 percent of the memory should be free after loading all zenon pictures, this means that a maximum of 25,6 MB are used for Image, zenon and project.
If this limit is not considered, we cannot guarantee a trouble-free operation of zenon.


It is not possible to work with profiles in the Runtime under Windows CE.