What is Windows CE?

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Windows CE is an open, scaleable platform for a great number of devices for communication, entertainment, industrial and mobile data processing. Generally speaking Windows CE is an operating system reduced to the essential, which only needs very low hardware resources. This means, that now very low-priced hardware components can be equipped with a Windows based operating system. The newly developed standard Windows CE allows the realisation of novel devices which can communicate with each other, exchange information with Windows based PCs and connect to the internet. Windows CE is a 32 bit operating system with functions like multitasking and multithreading, that has an open structure and supports a great variety of devices. Windows CE is compact, and thus offers high performance even with limited memory.
Additionally a graphical user interface is available, that has many elements of the well-known Windows surface. Thus daily work for the user is much easier.

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What does Windows CE mean?

Those who always wanted to know, what the abbreviation CE means, will be disappointed here. According to Microsoft Knowledge Base entry 166915 CE is no abbreviation but a paraphrase for the ideas, that were the basis for the development of this operating system. These are approximately: compact, efficient, compatible and connectable.