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Of course zenon under Windows CE can still be used in a network. The CE terminal can be a server or a client in combination with other terminals or standard PCs. Another possibility is, that the CE terminal is used as a dataserver in combination with a PC.

Redundancy in a network is not supported under Windows CE, i.e. a CE terminal cannot be a standby server. If however PCs are used as server ans standby server, the CE terminal can connect as a client and in the case of a redundancy switch automatically connects to the current server.

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Multi-project functionality is not supported under Windows CE.

But several CE projects can be combined in an integration project on a PC.

If the CE Runtime should be used in a network, the following requirements have to be fulfilled:

Network connection of the CE terminal

TCP/IP network with full (!) name resolution

Unique computer name and IP address in the network

Necessary system files and Runtime on the CE terminal (Refer to chapter "Requirements")

Runtime licence with network support on the CE terminal

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If a CE terminal i used n a network, no matter if server or client, on the CE terminal a Runtime licence with network has to be used.

Not network licence is necessary for Remote Transport!

If this network license does not exist, zenon is automatically started as standalone and each CE device establishes an own connection to the PLC.