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As the name resolution under Windows CE does not always exist, the computer names and the IP addresses of the CE terminal and the PC have to be defined. On the PC there is the file HOSTS for this purpose; it can be found in the directory /Windows/System32/Drivers/ETC. In this file the IP address and the computer name of the CE terminal have to be entered in capitals and separated by a tabstopp, e.g. " WINDOWSCE2".

info Info

When saving the file, care that there is no file extension .txt!

The link between computer names and the IP addresses has to be defined on the PC as well as on the CE terminal, if the network does not fully support a dynamic name resolution. (In the dynamic name resolution the computer names are resolved based on the IP address). On the PC this information is stored in the HOSTS file under /Windows/system32/drivers/etc.

The operating system Windows CE does not support teh functionality of a HOSTS file. The computer name and the IP address have to be entered in the zenOn.ini resp. zenOn6.ini of the CE terminal, so that the name resolution correctly works also on the CE terminal. The following entry is needed:

Example Example

My computer name=my IP address
CE terminal name =CE terminal IP address


Under SERVERNAME enter the name of your server. Enter the according IP address of your server.

Example: Your server is PC0815 and has the IP address, so you enter: PC0815=

Care that the computer name is entered in CAPITALS!

other examples




If the CE terminal does not know its own name, it also has to be entered here.

attention Attention

Do not use dynamic IP addresses, if there is no name resolution in the network.