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Within one workspace, several projects can be created and managed. All data which are defined and stored for a project are a component of the internal database of zenon.

The managing of several projects in one workspace is advisable if the same plant parameters are present (pictures etc.) and copying of the data makes the configuration significantly easier or if several projects in one plant are connected via a Network. Several projects can be processed at the same time.

Alternatively, another workspace can be generated in another directory for the creation of projects.

Example Example

/CUSTOMER1/PROJECT (one or more projects in the database)

/CUSTOMER2/PROJECT (one or more projects in the database)

The structure of the database is defined by schema files. They are the basis for the completely new creation of a project database. An additional database file in MS-ACCES format (MDB) exists for the Recipegroup Manager.

attention Attention

No preconfigured data are present!