New project

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When a new project is created, the screen resolution for the monitor configuration is automatically adjusted to the current screen resolution.

The following procedure is recommended with new projects:

Before th start of project parametrization the screen resolution has to be set. This resolution should be set before the start of the project parametrization and not be changed afterwards, as this can lead to stretching of the pictures, if the relation width/height of the resolutions is not the same!

attention Attention

For new projects the resolution of the current station is entered here as a default. If the project (Runtime) should run on a station with a different resolution, this setting has to be changed before the start of projct parametrization.

Define the appropriate number of virtual (technical) monitors (e.g. for overview and detail pictures, lists, trends, protocols, etc.). So it is possible to generate different combinations for the monitor selection via the function Monitor assign.

For the change of the monitor selection you should use predefined scripts with the required Monitor assign functions.

The online monitor selection in the Runtime only makes sense if all the pictures that are switched in one step should be opened on the same monitor.

Templates have to be related to the left monitor.