Edit existing project

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Selection of an existing project is done by selecting the project in the Project Manager by clicking on it with the left mouse button. The right mouse button opens the following context menu.

The following commands are available

Runtime Files

- Create changed

creates changed Runtime files for the active project

- Create all

creates all Runtime files for the active project

- Import

Files that can be edited in the Runtime are read back to the Editor path
– Standard recipes
– Recipes of the Recipegroup Manager
– User administration
– Schedules and profiles

Project as start project

sets the Runtime Startproject for the current computer

Start Runtime

Runtime is started with the project defined as start project

Project active

set active project for the toolbars of the Editor and the cross reference list.
All other projects, not marked as "Keep project in memory", are deactivated

Keep project in memory

the project stays in the memory, even if another project is activated


- Rename

Rename selected project

- Save project as ...

saves the project under a new name in a new directory

- Properties

opens the properties window with the project properties

- Remove from workspace

removes the project from the current workspace, but does not delete it physically

- Delete

Deletes the project physically

- Create backup

creates a backup of the project

- Load backup

loads a saved project to the current workspace

Project Remote Transport

opend the submenu Project Remote Transport. The submenu Project Remote Transport has the following functions:

- Establish connection

Initiates remote connection

- Transport changed Runtime files

Transports only changed runtime files to target station

- Transport all Runtime files

Transports all runtime files to target station

- Transport all Runtime files

files which can be edited in the Runtime (e.g. recipes, user administration etc.) are read back to the Editor files

Project as start project

Set start project for target station

- Start Runtime

Starts Runtime on target station

- Stop Runtime

Stops Runtime on target station

- Project reload

Executes function Reload on target station (Runtime device)

- Get error file

Get error file from target station

- Restart OS

Restarts operating system on target station

- Get system status

Get system status of target station

- Remote password change

the password for the remote access to the project computer is changed


Opens a submenu, where a profile can be selected (see chapter Editor)


Opens online-help

Every project can be protected by a password (chapter "Password administration") i.e. on opening the project the password defined in the projected is requested. If the entry is correct the project is opened.