Project Manager

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The Project Manager is the core of the Editor. Here the current workspace with its projects is displayed. The Project manager is the central interface for the functionality of projects.

The Projekt Manger with the entries of the project tree is explained in detail in the video Project Manager.

If an entry in the tree is selected, the proper information is displayed in the Detailview of the Project Manager.

The following contents of projects can be administered in the Project Manager:


Administration of the variables


List of the drivers used in the project

Data types

Administration of the datatypes

Reaction matrix

Administration of reaction matrices


Administraton of Allocations


Administration of the pictures


Administration of the templates


Administration of the fonts and font lists


Administration of the functions


Administration of the scripts

Language table

Language tables for the online language change


Administration of the archives (optional module)


Adminsitraton of the recipes

Standard recipes

Administration of the standard recipes


Administration of the Recipegroup Manager (optional module)

Time control

Administration of the time control


Administration of Process Control Engine (PCE) and VBA.

Process Control Engine (PCE)

Programming tool, allowing monitoring and control of processes (optional module)

VBA macros

Administration of VBA macros


straton® is an IEC 61131-3 Interface

Production and Facility Scheduler

Production & Facility Scheduler (optional module)


Administration of the interlockings

Message Control

Message Control (optional module)


Administration of the Runtime menus


Administration of the reports (optional module)


Administration of the users and access rights


Administration of external files
External files cannot be edited with tools provided with zenon.
You can edit them using external standard software programs which can be called up by menu item open with in the context menu of the file.

History of changes

Traceability of changes in the project

Project backups

Saves the Editor files. Also see chapter Project administration, section Backup and export project.

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An external program has to be used to edit these external files. Engineering the help in the Editor (Engineering in the Editor, h_rt_help_projektierung_der_hilfe_im_editor.htm)

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Single Elements of the projectmanager (e.g. variables) can be displayed in a separate Window with the entry Open in new window in the context menu. So it is possible to work on variables and functions at the same time, for example.