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The Remote Transport can either be configured via the toolbar of the Editor (see chapter Editor / Toolbars / Remote Transport) or in the project properties under General / Remote Transport.

The Remote Transport consists of two parts: A sender (=Editor) and a receiver (=transport service). Sender and receiver have to be of the same version, so that the Remote Transport works correctly. If this is not the case, an error message is displayed in the Output Window on establishing the connection.

Remote version: 6.01.0....... Compatibility: NOT GUARANTEED

The following settings can be set with the context menu of the project Remote Transport:

Establishing a connection

With the service zenSysSvr a connection to the target device is established. On both devices the service zenSysSvr.exe resp. on the CE device the service SysSrvCE.exe has to be started. The versions have to be identical.

Transport changed Runtime files

If this setting is selected, the Runtime changed since the last transport are transported. If no Runtime files exist on the target device, all Runtime files are transported.

Transport all Runtime files

If this entry is activated, all Runtime files are transported. The only exception are files like e.g. standard recipes or Message Control, which are defined in the setting: 'RT changeable data'.

Read all Runtime files

If this setting is selected, all Runtime files of the modules Recipes, Recipegroup Manager, Message Control , User administration and Production and Facility Scheduler (PFS) are transported from the target system to the local Runtime directory. Then the changes in the Runtime can be read to the Editor with the option 'Import Runtime files'.

Project start project

The selected project is defined as the start project. This project is loaded on each Runtime start.

Start Runtime

Starts the Runtime.

Stop Runtime

The Runtime is closed.

Reload project

The project is reloaded. Changes Runtime files are read.

Restart OS

The device with an existing connection is restarted. It has to be logged on to the operating system again. Under Windows CE this option is not supported.

Get system status

It is checked, if the Runtime is running on the target system and with which status. Also the installed zenon version is checked.

Remote change password and display license

A password for the Remote Transport can be entered. The serial and activation number can be entered.

info Info

Compulsory since version 6.20 SP3

attention Attention

For redundant projects: If drivers are used that need a configuration file, copying the driver files should be deactivated.