Remote Transport

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The Remote Transport is used to transport Runtime files to a target system. For saving and importing Editor files refer to chapter Project backups.

If the Runtime and the Editor are on the same PC, the Runtime files now are directly available to the Runtime. If the Runtime is not on the same PC, there are two possibilities:

The according directory with the Runtime files is connected as a network drive or

The Runtime files are copied to the target system.

The second possibility can be done with the Windows Explorer or easier and more systemantic with the zenon Remote Transport. The Remote Transport makes sure, that always all necessary files are transported to the target system.

Also any other files can be transported with the Remote Transport.

Additional to that pure copy function the Remote Transport offers other functionalities:

Incremental copy

The Editor automatically knows, which files of the target system are different to the local ones, and only copies the changed and not all files. This leads to enormous time savings with large projects.

Setting the start project

With the Remote Transport the start project on the remote station can be set.

Starting and stopping the Runtime

The remote station can in a certain way be remotely maintained.

Transfer the system status

The current status of the remote PC (operating system, zenon version, existing drives etc.) can be found out.

PC reboot

A remote PC can be rebooted.

Read error files

Error files can be read from the remote Runtime.

Copy back project data

An entire project can be copied back from the remote system.