Diagnosis Client

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These are the programs that create log entries. The log entries are sent to the server via TCP/IP.

The server PC and port is read from the local zenOn6.ini and contacted. If not successful, it is retried cyclically.

In the default settings, the syssrv of the local PC is contacted via port 1101 with a timeout of 10 sec. If the syssrv cannot be found, the system tries to reconnect every 500ms, i.e. each 1/2 second.

If no connection could be established after half the timeout, the system tries to start the service ZenSysSrv.

If other settings are nedded, the following entry in the zenOn6.ini has to be edited:



With the diagnosis viewer the client can be parameterized.

The menu entry Settings – Client configuration is only available, if online logging is not used at the moment.

The clients currently connected to the server are listed in a selection dialog.

After selecting a client its parameter list can be requested and modified.

The available modules include standard modules as well as modules depending on the according client.

The available standard modules:



General messages


Network messages


Messages of the zenon Proxy


Messages of ZenDbSrv.


Messages of ZenSysSrv.




Messages from logging.


SAT specific messages.

Max buffered records

Number of records to be buffered, if no connection to the server is established.
Default: 256

In the right column entitled Message level you can select, which information should be sent to the log server.