Settings of the server

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In the left column the configuration of the logging client zenSyssrv.exe is done.

In the right column the configuration of the logging server is done.


Number of records, after which all incremental fields will be written.
Default 0, not active


It is continuously checked, if less than the configured minimal free disk space is available. The oldest log files are deleted. Minimal free disk space in MB, before log files are deleted.
Default 1024 MB


Maximal used disk space for the log in MB.
Default 1024 MB


Minimal used disk space in MB independent whether LOGMinFreeDiskSpace is under-run.
Default 5 MB


Time in ms, after which the received records are saved.
Default 2000 ms


The server buffers the contents of all incremental log fields for diverse applications, in order to be able to write images of them into the log file. With the start of a log file and after configurable number of log records a complete image for all addresses is written into the log file.
Received data are written to the log files. The entry is done via temporary buffer. It can be defined, if the data are written immediately or after a delay
Number of buffered records, if these cannot be saved.
Default 10240


The server writes the received log data into the log file. If this log file reaches the configured size, a new file is started.
Maximal size of a single log file in bytes.
Default 5 MB


Directory, where the log files are written.
Default: <Windows temporary directory>/LOG.


It is continuously cheked, if the lifetime of the log files is exceeded.
The oldest log files are deleted.
Number of seconds to keep the log files.
Default: 14 days.


Time in sec, in which the used disk space id checked.
Default: 60 s


Log level definition for ModulIX for the zenSysSrv.
Default: logLe_ERROR


Specifies the log server. All processes of a PC use the same log server.
Default: DEVICE=TCP/IP; HOST=localhost; PORT=1101; TIMEOUT=10;