Global settings

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The entries are in the English language.


Opens saved log files in TXT format. Each newly opened log file is ddisplayed in an own window.

Open to active document

Each new log file is added to the active window.


Closes the active window.


Saves the log files of the active window.

Save as

Saves the current view of the active window (e.g. filter settings) to a file to be selected.

Remote Download

Only available, if a connection to a remote zenSysSrv exists.
Allows the download of logging files from the remote server to the local log directory. A subdirectory with the name of the PC is created. Only file, which have changed or which are new, are available.

Connect to

Opens the dialog for the connection selection.


Activates the online error view.
If online logging is started, all incoming entries are displayed. The same filter dialog as for reading files can also be set here. The difference: If no log connection is selected, all incoming log entries will be displayed, otherwise only the ones from the selected clients. If the filter of the log connection is modified, all entries not fulfilling the filter criteria will be lost. (Logging file nevertheless is created and all entries are saved. ) Displayed entries can be saved.


Deactivates the online error view. (Default)


Closes the "Diagnosis Viewer".