Connection settings Diagnosis Server connection

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A standard server can be defined in the menu unter File/Connect to…; the LogViewer will automatically connect to ths server on starting. If no server is entered, the localhost will automatically be used a the server.

The brackets indicate the Standard Server. On starting the log viewer connects to this server; if no standard sever is defined, localhost is used as the standard server.

Diagnosis server name

Name of the PC to which to connect. There the SysSrv has to run.


Port of the SysSrv at the target PC (default 1101)


Time in seconds to wait for a response from the SysSrv (default 10 sec)

Connect to

Connection to the selected server is established


Closes the dialog

New Server

Opens the dialog Server connection, enter the server name. Ports and timeouts

Delete Server

Selected server entry is deleted from the list

Standard Server

Selected server becomes the standard server (default: localhost)