Diagnosis Server

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Creates and manages log files.

The server is integrated into the zenSysService.

The configuration of the server is read from the zenOn6.ini.

The server writes the received log data into the log file.

The saving location for the files has to be configured. Default is the Windows temporary folder.

Log files are named after the following fashion LOG<YYMMTThhmmss>.TXT.

The server is multi client able. This implies that several analyses can connect to the server at the same time.

It is possible to connect to the server online, to see the current logging messages.

It is possible to connect to loging servers other than the local and to execute the same tasks (configuring server, configuring clients, online logging) as on the local server.

The parameters of the current server (with which the LogViewer is connected) can be modified. If a modification of another log server is needed, the server connection can be changed in the menu under File – Connect to….

The menu entry Settings – Client configuration is only available, if online logging is not used at the moment.