Individual arrangement of the windows

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The windows of the Editor can be arranged individually and these arrangements can be saved as profiles.

The context menu opens with a right mouse click on the frame of the window that wants to be moved.

Allow docking

Active: Enables moving windows with pressed left mouse button. If the moved window can be docked, an overlapping frame appears. With a release of the mouse button, the window is docked. (Default)
Inactive : Enables moving windows with pressed left mouse button. The windows are not docked to other windows automatically. They can be moved user-defined and changed in size.
If a dockable window is moved and the "docking" function should be suppressed, Ctrl has to be pressed during moving action.


Active: The selected window is hidden.
Inactive: The selected window stays visible. (Default)
All windows are listed in the Pulldownmenu Options. Selecting the windows in this list, makes them visible.

Float in Main Window

Active: Shows the selected window in the Main Window. Switching between windows is possible.
Inactive: Moves the selected window back to its original position. (Default)