Dockable windows

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The following windows can be docked in the Editor in any way:

If Use autohide windows is activated in the pulldown menu Options/Settings/Checkbox, the slide-in-windows in the Editor are active. If it is not active, the windows can be moved in the main window. If this option is changed, a restart is necessary.

(See chapter Pulldown menu Option / Settings)

Minimizing the windows e.g. allows, that the entire area of the Editor is available for designing the pictures.

Each dockable window can be minimized to a bookmark tab at the margin of the Editor by clicking its pin symbol in the title bar. If the mouse pointer touches a tab, the according window opens. If the focus is taken from the window, it closes again. Each defined status can be saved and then loaded in the profiles. (See chapter Profiles).

In order to permanently display a window select it in the pull down menu 'Option'.