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The 'VBA macro' toolbar can be activated with Options / Settings / Toolbars. It allows to comfortably integrate and execute VBA macros from 'myWorkspace' directly in the Editor.

Reload list of VBA macros

All 'Public Sub Name ()' macros from myWorkspace and modules are loaded to the list (dropdown) in the toolbar.

Execute selected macro

Executes the macro currently selected in the list.

Execute assigned macro x

Executes the macro assignes to the function icon.

Assign macros

Opens the dialog to assign macros.

In the macro assignment dialog macros can be assigned to one of the five function icons.

info Info

If the macro assignment dialog does not list all macros from myWorkspace, the function 'Reload list of VBA macros' has to be executed from the toolbar.

info Info

If the toolbar is displayed vertically, the combobox is invisible.