Alarms: ackn. flashing

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In addition to acknowledging alarms from the alarm list, the displays can be acknowledged by template when an alarm is issued.

When this function is active during online operation, only the flashing attribute of the process variables and the flashing of the graphical elements will be reset. Acknowledging in the picture does not acknowledge the alarm in the list.

Give the template as a transfer parameter This function is configured via a dialog mask.

Give the template name in the function administration after the system function as the transfer parameter (e.g.: ALARMS: ACKN. FLASHING [PROCESSPICTURE]).

info Info

A picture acknowledgement acknowledges the alarms in the list, if the option Acknowledge flashing also acknowledges alarm is set in the alarm configuration. The acknowledgement in the alarm list or on the alarm line at the upper screen edge acknowledges the alarm also in the picture and picture alarm guidance.