Function Open help

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With this function a Help-site can be opened, e.g for menus, limits, dynamic elements.

Example Example

A CHM presentation designed by the customer is started.

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Also possible under Windows CE! Each "Open Help" function call closes all IE Windows of a Surfer.

Configurable options are:

CHM File

Help file (*.CHM), from which a page should be displayed

HTM - target

Help page, which should be displayed (name of the original HTML page before compiling it to a CHM file)

All "Open Help" function calls can be configured:

Combination of name of CHM

and an incluede HTM file

Only name of HTM file

and an index of the included HTM file

Example Example

Examples for possibilities of the „Open Help" funciton
All popular picture formats (e.g. *.jpg, *.bmp, *.gif, *.png, ...)
Text formats
Back- and forward navigation

info Info

When creating an HTML Presentation, make sure that each HTM page is given a meaningful "title", because this title will be displayed in CE.