Function Language change

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This function is used to switch the language of the text information (button texts, etc.) during online operation.

Give the text file (*.TXT), the paths for different documents and the font list as transfer parameters. This function is configured via a dialog mask.

The following objects can be switched with the function Language change.

Text list

Language tables in form of text files


Path for text files to display

Media path

Path for multimedia files

Path for online help

Path for the CHM files for the Runtime help

Font list

Font lists defined in the Editor

After configuration, the function will be entered into the function list.

The text of the following elements and functions can be switched:

Static elements

- Static text

dynamic elements

Link Text

status texts

- Binary Element

display texts
(update after renewed display selection)

Multi-binary Element

display texts


text file texts

Text button

button label

Control elements

MDI Pictures

Trend curve

Curve name



status text in AML and CEL