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Here the selection from the tree view is displayed as a list. The list can be sorted ascending or descending on any column.

Additionally there is a context menu in this view, which offers different functions depending on the selection in the tree view.

Selection master data:

New device

Under 'New device' new master data can be created. The definition is done in a dialog with three property pages. On the first page the data for the device is entered. On the page 'Maintenance tasks' any number of maintenance tasks for this device can be created. For an overview the titles of the maintenance tasks are displayed in a list on this page. On the last page any number of documents can be assigned to the device. For an overview these are displayed in a list similar to the maintenance tasks. On doubleclicking a document the according document is opened, if the according program is installed.

Edit device

Similar to 'New device' with the only difference, that the fields are filled with the existing data. A device has to be selected.

Device exchange

The variables for operations and hours counters are changed here! The calculation for scheduling maintenances is based on these variables. If a device exchange is performed, a history entry is made. Additionally, the maintenance interval is reset and the new variable values are used as the initial values for the calculation of maintenances.

The device data stays the same, only the linked variables are exchanged. These have to be entered in a dialog. If the variable does not exist, a warning is displayed, that in the moment no valid variables are linked with the device.

Counter exchange

If a counter is exchanged, the variable stays the same, but the counter reading (variable value) is changed. If a counter is exchanged, a history entry is made. You can choose whether the maintenance interval should be reset or not.

A new start value for the exchanged device can be entered.

Delete device

The selected device can be deleted. All associated data (maintenance tasks, history data and documents) are deleted. For security reasons the user is asked again, if the data should really be deleted.

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The following access to files is supported:

Local drives

Local harddisk

UNC path

e. g. //Server name/release name

Connected drives

Released harddisk of a network computer

attention Attention

Requirement: The appropriate viewer has to be installed, so that the documents can be displayed.
e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader for *.PDF files.

Device exchange

Counter exchange

Selection maintenance tasks

By doubleclicking a maintenance task the data of this maintenance task are displayed. But the data cannot be changed.

Execute repair

If a repair is performed, a history entry is made. The maintenance task remains in the queue, because it is not considered as performed. An entry in the history is created.

Similar to 'Execute maintenance' with the only difference, that the counter can be updated.

Print list

The displayed list is written to am XML file as it is and displayed in a HTML browser with a stylesheet. This HTML file then can be saved or directly printed.

Print details

The data for the selected maintenance task are output.

Edit maintenance

Here the data of the selected maintenance task can be edited.

Execute maintenance

If a maintenance is executed, the counters are updated and a history entry is generated. Additionally, the maintenance task is considered as done for this interval, and so it is removed from the queue.

Under 'Documents' the linked documents are displayed in a list. With doubleclicking a file it is opened, if an according program is installed.

Selection history

Here there is only one menu entry 'Print list'. Same procedure as under 'Maintenance task' - 'Print list'.