Maintenance task

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Calculating due maintenances is the core function of the IMM. A maintenance task can have three different maintenance intervals:

- a time span in days

- an hours counter or

- an operations couner.

The due date of the maintenances is calculated from these intervals.

If a maintenance comes into the warning zone, it shows up in the list for due maintenances, including a notice that it has reached the warning level . If it reaches the maintenance intervall, the maintenance is set to due, which also shows up in the list of maintenances.

The function 'Determine maintenances'

With the function Determine maintenances, the list of all due maintenances in the selected time span is retrieved from the IMM. These due maintenances are then used to determine the equipment-specific status values as configured.

Numerical set values equalling the total number of due maintenances for equipment matching the selected filter criteria are sent to the according status variables.

If you create a new function Determine maintenances in the Editor, the following configuration dialog appears:

Period of time

Here you can select the period for which you want to determine due maintenances (see IMM).