Acknowledging of paging messages

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Acknowledging of the sending type paging/SMS is done with a rang-back of the recipient. Message Control recognizes incoming calls and accepts them at the next possible opportunity, e.g. immediately or after sending the current message. If the line is free, Message Control accepts the call after the first ring-tone.

After that the greeting file is played. This file should ask the user to enter the message Id and the PIN code. The entry of this information needs DTMF signals, that are interpreted by Message Control. These data have to be entered in the following format:


The message Id for messages to be acknowledged is placed in front of the message text. So the user gets e.g. the following message on his mobile phone: 1; Test - Variable status is violated 75. In this case the caller has to enter 1 for the message ID.

info Info

Entering the characters # is necessary, as they are needed for the interpretation of the acknowledgement. The final character # confirms the entry. The user should wait ca. 1 second between pressing the keys, so that they can be evaluated by Message Control. Pressing the keys to quickly can lead to a loss of characters.

The key * deletes the entry so far. In this case the Greeting is played again.

Additionally the wave files have to be of the format PCM, 8.000 Hz, 16 Bit, Mono. Otherwise the playing of the files via modem can result in problems and be unsuccessful. The format for the files can be defined in the Audio-Recorder under the menu entry Properties.