Disconnect client

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With the functionality disconnect client it is possible to disconnect the local project copy of an user from the server database. So all check out information of this user is deleted. Changing the elements locked by this user again is possible.

It can be necessary to disconnect a client, if the user is not in the office and has checked-out elements, which urgently have to be edited or the computer of this user is defective.

attention Attention

If the client of an user has been disconnected and the this user opens the project copy, the project is offline. It is no longer possible to go online. First the local project copy has to be deleted and again copied from the server.


A client can only be disconnected, if the computer, where the local project copy has been edited, cannot be reached.

With the main menu File -> Insert existing project the Project Database Manager can be opened. Under multi-user and connected local project copies you will find all users, which have (had) a local project copy.

With disconnect the entry for this user is deleted from the server database. After the client has been disconnected, the dialog can be closed.

attention Attention

This action cannot be undone! If the user on this computer again wants to access the multi-user project, the local project copy has to be deleted and again be inserted.