PFS Filter dialog

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The filter dialog enables you to reduce the number of visible objects in the PFS to the objects matching the filter criteria.

The filter function enables you to fill in a filter mask to isolate certain types of objects. When a filter is activated, the filtered branch is identified with a funnel symbol, designating the filtering process. The filtering function is case-sensitive.

The Equipment, Schedule, Variable and Function fields support the use of wildcards for filtering purposes:




The naming have to be Text


The naming have to end with Text


The naming have to start with Text


Any character is possible on second and third place.

When "child" objects match the filter criteria, the "parent" objects are also displayed, even if they do not match the criteria defined in the filter. The exception to this rule is the equipment. If the equipment does not match the equipment filter criteria, the whole of equipment is masked, even in the event where some lower-level objects indeed match the filter criteria.