Combo/List boxes

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In the dynamic element Combo/Listbox, you can link certain values of process variables with texts and select them during Runtime. If the varialbe reaches the defined value, the linked text is displayed. If the text is selected in the Runtime, the value of the variable is set to the value that is linked to this text.

The following variable types are supported: Binar, analog, string

The Combo Listbox Element supports the same additional functionality as the numerical value element (lock, status, visibility, dynamic colors)

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For dynamic colors:
The background color is only accepted for existing entries. The part of the element that is not filled with entries has the standard background color.

Not supported are dynamic behavior and the linking of macros to element-events (e.g. LeftClickUpÂ…)

attention Attention

In Windows CE, modifying colors and fonts of a ComboListBox-item is not possible.

In the Property Window under Control Type two different types of this element can be selected: ComboBox and Listbox

If menu item Display/ Entries is selected a dialog opens. Here the following configurations can be done. Values for conditions can be combined with texts of conditions. To enter values press button New.


List of the already defined entries.

Entries Value

of the values entered in field Entries V alue

Entries Set value

shows if Set value was activated

entries Text

string entered in field Entries Text

entries Function

shows the linked functions in field Entries function


create new entries


removes the chosen entry (multi-select is not possible)


Changes the sequence and moves the selected status upwards.


Changes the sequence and moves the selected status downwards.

Entry settings Value

Numerical value (the possible range of this value depends on the data type of the variable)

Entry settings Set value

activate or deactive set value:
If deactivated, the entered value serves only for indexing the selection.
Attention: Set value active only affects the value, not the function. The function is always sent.

entry setting Text

String which is linked to the numerical value

Entry settings Function

Selection auf the to be linked functions which are when selected carried out when the Runtime is activated. The function does not affect the execution of the function.
Attention: The function is only executed if you select the entry via the user interface. If the function is selected by a value change of a variable, it is not executed.


Accepts the entries and closes the dialog.


Closes the dialog without saving the changes.


Opens the Onlinehelp

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Variables can also be linked to the element by Drag&Drop.