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The assistant supports you in the basic configuration of a universal slider. It is opened by default. If you want to configure the universal slider without the help of the assistant, click on Cancel.

Otherwise, follow the assistant by clicking the Continue button.

info Info

The assistant is only shown if the appropriate settings were made in the Editor. You can get there in the Editor via the dropdown menu Option / Settings/ Use standard wizards. 

1. Position of the element:

You can change the position of the universal slider: Horizontal, vertical or round.

To choose the desired form, select it either in the combo box or click on the picture:

2. Style

Just like in the poroperties windows Style you can choose from the following styles in the assistant: 'Slider/Turn-around', 'Bar', 'LED bar' and 'Moving scale'.

info Info

Depending on the selected orientation, different pages for selecting the style are displayed.

To choose the desired style, select it either in the combo box or click on the picture:

3. Show value and title

The selected representation (position and style) are displayed again. Additionally, you can choose whether the element should contain a title or whether it should show the current value of the variable. You can choose the position in both cases.




You can choose: horizontal, vertical or round universal slider.


'Slider/Turn-around', 'Bar', 'LED bar' or 'Moving scale'

Position (Title, Value)

Left-Top, Center-Top, Right-Top, Left-Bottom, Center-Bottom, Right-Bottom

Default for Title: Center-Top

Default for Value: Center-Bottom

Show title

The title is shown in the element.

Show value

The current variable value is shown in the element.

Show unit

Show the variable value with a unit.


Leads you to the previous page of the assistant.


Leads you to the next page of the assistant.


Exits the assistant and applies all the settings to the universal slider.