Segment of a circle

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When selecting the menu item Segment of a circle, the cursor changes its form. After positioning the cursor on the desired starting position, clicking and holding the left mouse button and pulling, a segment of a circle (at an angle of 180°) is drawn within the frame in the grid setting.

If the element is opened upwards and right, the segment opening is shown to the left. When opened downward and left, the opening is shown to the right. If during the later editing an edge limit is moved over the other, the direction of opening changes (from right to left or vice versa). The changes in length and position are possible at any time. After releasing the left mouse button or after selecting the element, the properties are available in the properties window.

To change the opening angle of the segment, left-click on one of the sizing handles of the shape (see Screenshot), hold the mouse button and drag into the direction in which you want to change the angle.

  1. Sizing handle for opening angle
  2. Sizing handle for height

Alternatively, you can change the starting and ending point of the opening angle in the properties window in the property Position under Circle segment

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You can also use the Segment of a circle as an Arc of a circle, with a free opening angle. For that, change the property Filling pattern to Transparent.

If during a change of size the ALT key is pressed, the aspect ratio is kept.