Implementing the Graph7 sequence chain analysis in a project

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For the display of the Graph7 sequence chain analysis some requirements have to be fulfilled in the Simatic Manager,

Preparatory work in the Simatic Manager:

After the sequence chains have been defined complately, the following steps have to be done.

In Graph7 the settings under Extras- Datablock settings must be checked.

On the property page Translate/Save the following settings have to be done:

FB Parameter

User defined

Interface description

Individual structures / Load in AS

Run capability

Standard FC necessary

Chain properties

Criteria analysis data in DB

On the property page Messages the following settings have to be done:

Message handling

Message with ALARM_SQ / ALARM_S

With this settings the sequence chain mus be created with the instance datablock.

For displaying the sequence chain information the datablock has to be exported with the sequence chain. For this a source has to be created in the datablock editor. Menu File / Generate source...

This source then has to be exported in the Simatic Manager in the S7 program under Sources in the context menu. This source later is inserted in the project, so the storage path should be a directory, which is used for the automatic alignment.

The symbolism list has to be exported for the symbolic display of the sequence chain. Here the same target path as with the export of the instance datablock source is recommended.

For the sequence chain analysis a control system variable is needed, which monitors the Graph7 instance datablock. For the definition the datablock size is needed. You will find it in the Simatic Manager with the context menu of the datablock. In the object propertiesan the second proeprty page General - Part 2 the data amount in bytes can be found.

In the illustration the datablock size is 740 bytes.

In case of a malfunction in the sequence chain the step number / transition of the malfunction is sent via the ALARM_S channel. To display it the ALARM_S message number has to be known. It can be found with the Pdiag program of the Simatic package. For this the S7 project has to be opened in the Pdiag program. Under Instances the Sequence chain instance datablock is displayed. In the steps an interlock and a supervision can be found. In the object properties of these elements the according message number can be found. The message numbers for interlock resp. supervision are constant over the entire instance datablock. For the display of the disturbed step/transition in zenon the message number of the supervision is relevant. You ahve to look it up.