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The Remote Desktop runs in the user context. It is started when the user logs in to Windows.

This means that a remote connection can only be established if a user is logged in. Remote login with Ctrl-Alt-Del is not possible. If the user logs out, the Remote Desktop service will also stop. Any connected viewers will be disconnected.

If the remote computer is locked, you will also not be able to establish a connection. The computer is also locked if a screen saver with the option On resume, password protect is running.

If several users are logged in at the remote computer at the same time (fast user switching), the Remote Desktop service will also be started several times. However, the viewing software will only be able to connect to the service that was started first. If this first user is not active, the connection will be established, but after entering the password, it will be closed immediately.

The connection will also be closed if the user that logged in first clicks on Switch user as he becomes inactive.