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With the number formatting different output formats can be defined.

Configurable format strings are:

Value output

Date/time outputs

The format input for a value output (e.g. *0.00) with two decimals or dd/mm/yy hh:mm for time output in the format 01/01/95 12:30.

Beside the cell type General, others are available.

Configurable format strings are:

binary value

Yes/no; Right/wrong

Data types are:


No data type defined


Data type is text


Data type is a float value


Data type is a date/time value


Data type is an integer value


Data type is a logical value

For the representation of lists the cell type List is used.

Configurable options are:

List name

Name of the list file

Drop height

Insert height, representation height

Drop width

Insert width, representation width

Selection mode

Mode of representation

- with text

Alphabetically sorted on the text

- with code

Sorted on the code

- with index

Sorted on the sequence of input of the list entries

For the representation of bitmaps, which before have been added to the project with Project Manager/Files/Graphics, the cell type Pictures is used.

Configurable options are:


Selection of the bitmap file

The format keys are described in the Formatting key chapter for the relevant data types.
With the option locked the cell for editing in the editor and entries in the online log are locked.